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Rug Padding Service in Fort Myers

Oriental Rug Cleaning Ft Myers

So many of us today have rugs in our home. We get these rugs in many ways…passed down, just bought because you redecorated or just simply wanted something new, or perhaps it was the steal of all steals at a garage sale. Whatever reason, they are believe it or not a very important piece in your home. For one, they provide comfort. A nice soft surface for kids to play or lay down, a cozy bed for a bet and a protection for your furniture against your floor. They also keep your home looking cleaner, as the act as place where dirt and dust goes to hide. So the key is to every so often, get that dirt out by doing rug restoration Fort Myers.


Another important thing to think about is protecting your rug. Rug Padding Fort Myers is always the best option. Good Padding acts as a very strong barrier from your rug to your floor, not to mention it keeps your rug in place. Notice, that I said GOOD padding. We house the best you can get and we custom cut the padding to fit your rug perfectly. Best part is that once you purchase the padding from our family owned company, we will clean it at no charge for as long as you have it. Keep and protect your rug for as long as you again and avoid Rug repair Fort Myers in the future.

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Rug Repair Fort Myers

Oriental Rug Cleaning Ft Myers

All may not be lost when you rug is damaged, so do not fret. Rug Repair Fort Myers is not an easy task when it comes to major repairs but it can also be an easier fix like replacing fringes or binding that makes your rug look like new.  Rugs, especially fringes on rugs can get damaged over time from every day use, vacuum cleaners, pets, etc.  We house a very large selection of custom and machine made fringes depending on the quality of your rug and your investment.


Rug Restoration Fort Myers is also one of expertise. This can be more intricate and time consuming dealing with more of resurging rugs, adding more textile and wool and sometimes silk to areas that have been torn or chewed. The process of rug repair fort myers specialists need takes expertise and good supplies. We have every color of the rainbow and if necessary can be manipulated into new colors. Did I mention we also do color correction on rugs that may have bled from improper cleaning?

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