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Rug Cleaners Fort Myers

Oriental Rug Cleaning Ft Myers

Our family owned and operated business has been proudly serving South Florida area for many years. We are thinking bigger now and want to offer our fantastic services for Rug Cleaning Fort Myers residents.  Rug cleaning is not just a simple method of coming into your home and steam cleaning to make a look a little cleaner. It is a learned skill that requires a lot of labor and actually taking the rug back to our cleaning facility to hand wash both sides, do any necessary treatments and lay rug out to dry using natural sun light and low speed fans to keep the rug soft. That is why we are always offering free pick up and delivery no matter where we are.


We not only cleaned rugs professionally but we also offer Rug Restoration Fort Myers! This service is designed for rugs that need more attention perhaps due to age, wear and tear or perhaps your precious pet using it as a personal chew toy. We have an expert repair specialist that can tackle just about any issue.

Call us today and find out why we are one of the best Rug Cleaners Fort Myers has to offer!

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