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Pet Odor Removal Fort Myers

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It is the call any reputable Rug Cleaning Fort Myers company will tell you they receive most! “Hello, I have a rug and my dog has decided to pee all over it, can you get the stain and the smell out?”  What is my response?…”Well, we get this call a lot and the good news is YES…we can 100% guarantee to take care of your rug!” Pet odor removal Fort Myers is something we deal with daily, almost hourly and when we say we can get the smell out, that is no gimmick. We don’t just mask the odor after cleaning with lots of deodorization…we completely extract the urine and make sure that the water we are using to rinse out the rug is not yellow, but running clear. It is the only tell tale sign that the rug is completely rid of “Fido’s” accident.


Even when it comes to very large, heavy rugs we can take care of the pesky situation and work diligently on the pet stain removal fort myers customers would like to see gone as well. Pet stains and most stains are stubborner and require a lot skill. A rug cannot get damaged from odor when it is cleaned properly, the part that takes skill are attempts to remove stain. Any rug technician that is experienced should always tell you that anything that can be done, will be done to try to remove a stain but you can completely guarantee it will come out because you do not want to risk stripping, bleeding, fading of your rug.

Pet odor removal fort myers is our expertise and we love getting the call because we know you will be happy to get the smell out of the rug and quickly forgive your sweet ball of fluff!

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