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When you have been in the business as long as my father was before he decided to retire, you see all types of situations with rugs. Spilled juice, pet chewing holes, red wine, you name it and most reputable Rug Cleaners Fort Myers have seen it. Hands down, by far the most “popular” of situations when it comes to rug cleaning is PEE.


Yes, I said it…the three letter word that owners hate and Pet odor removal fort myers company find the biggest challenge. Once your furry friend has decided to use your rug as its personal patch of grass while you are away, how is the smell ever going to come out. We do get lots of call that the pet just peed on one spot and they need it to get cleaned right away. However, for the most part, we do get the calls that the owner has decided and knows that this will not be the last time their cute, little new puppy or older dog will use this rug and in the same spot. So they try the pet stain removal fort myers process themselves over time and it seems to work until someone else notices and says, “wow, I think your dog just peed over here!”. We can become desensitized to things and odors in our own home.


This is where we can come in. Once we remove the rug from your house for cleaning, we examine all pet stain removal fort myers processes that may be necessary and then we aggressively attack the odors by cleaning both sides of the rug and flushing out the urine. It is a laborious process with great results.

We love returning rugs back to our customers who cannot believe it is the same rug because it is fluffy and soft and smells like new!

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